Thursday, November 30, 2023

October 2023 Randoms

I saw this ad and was interested in getting these shoes, so I did, and the ad didn't lie: you really don't have to touch them at all to get them on and off! They're comfortable and cute but I probably won't wear them until the weather warms up in several months. 

I finally replaced the pouch in my purse that holds a bunch of things. The old one (on the bottom) still worked but had gotten stained and old. I got it from a shop at the Orlando airport many years ago. I bought the new one several years ago from a shop on the Cape and then never used it. Now I use it all the time!

Isn't this the prettiest and most clever fall flower arrangement!? 😍

This is one of my sister Jennifer's cute dogs sitting on the lap of Jen's mother-in-law, Kay, who was visiting from Utah for a few days. My mom and Sam and I went over to have dinner with her one night while she was here. I've known her ever since I was a kid (she sewed my bridesmaid's dress for Jennifer and Adam's wedding!), and she's a wonderful, talented seamstress and woman. I wish I'd taken a picture of her!

John sent me this happy selfie. 😆
He got a buzz cut with a friend soon after getting to college, and thank goodness his hair was starting to grow back!

A healthy breakfast for my little Sam-man. 
I still call him that even though he's bigger than me now. He'll always be my baby!

This cupcake was yummy! I got it at Muffin House.

I used this note for years to regularly clean out my garbage disposal. I don't need it anymore because my new place doesn't have one. I took a picture for memory's sake and in case I ever have a garbage disposal again. This worked well! 

This is the national nonprofit that I started working for part-time in August. I manage their Op-Ed Lab, which is a service for its members to send their opinion pieces to that we can help them edit and get published in newspapers around the country. I'm learning and growing a lot from my work there, and it's the perfect blend of editing and government and politics, all things that I've had a longtime, genuine interest in. I feel very blessed to have gotten this job.

I did this for the library. Coloring is pretty much the only artistic thing I'm good at. 😄

Ohhhh, here really is my baby Sam! I absolutely loved these years with him!

Owls spotted in the Kripalu gift shop! 
Pursuant to my owl-buying ban as well as to my smaller budget and house, I resisted the temptation and didn't get them!

Sam and his friend and my mom and Jennifer and I went to a really well-done haunted trail in my town on a beautiful, mild October evening. It was so fun!

My real estate agent sent me this awesome Harry & David gift basket as a thank-you gift for hiring her to sell the house in the spring (she got a nice commission off that sale!). What a nice (and delicious) surprise!

I got to work at the library on Halloween evening, which was really fun. We were asked to dress up and I used a simple Wonder Woman shirt with attached cape that I'd bought at CVS the previous year and a few accessories that I got on amazon and wore it all with jeans and my usual shoes. Simple!
More importantly, one of my favorite Primary kids came in for the Halloween activities and her mom wanted to take a picture of us together. I think Komaki was shocked to see me somewhere other than church! 😂 She's Japanese and adorable.

Sam and I took care of my friend Laurie's dog for a few days while she and her husband were away. Molly was sweet and fun and I missed her when our job came to an end!