Wednesday, April 13, 2022

January '22 Randoms

I want to go to these places on a day trip with my favorite day-tripping friends, or with my history-loving sons.

More sightseeing and travel desires. I want to go to all of these places, some of them practically in my backyard (figuratively speaking), and others much farther away.

England is where I want to go most in the world. France is in my top five.

Egypt is where I want to go second most.

This would be so cool. Literally!

I thought this Netflix DVD envelope was cute. I'm old-fashioned and still get the DVDs! (I do streaming too.)


Love thyself 😘

Our schools didn't close, but it was cold! Not as cold as Iowa got though.

This is my favorite meal at a little restaurant that I like to stop at for lunch on my way home from the temple.

When I was preparing my talk about teaching and learning the gospel for sacrament meeting, I looked up my Institute teacher from college because he was a part of my talk, and I found out that he lives here in the Boston area now! Small world! He was SUCH a good teacher and I know that he's blessing the lives of students and young adults in Boston and Cambridge.

He was getting his doctorate in Egyptology when we were at Penn. He was very smart, both intellectually and spiritually. Now he's a chaplain at Harvard and the Institute director in Cambridge.

I think it's funny that right after it says that he and his wife have nine children, the next part talks about barren women. 😆

I watched a lot of webinars in January, most of them about getting a job. 

I was made for remote, at home work!

I spent January updating my resume, writing my cover letter, joining LinkedIn, and watching webinars. It was all worth it--I applied for a job at the end of the month and received an offer two days later. I highly recommend the FlexJobs website. It helped me a lot and is where I did the webinars and found my job. (It's an editing job for pay is low and the hours are too few, but I like the work and the hours should increase soon--especially because they just gave me an additional opportunity because of the quality of my work! And hopefully the pay will go up at some point.)

I had resisted joining LinkedIn for quite awhile, but I did it!

I liked the cover of The Friend for December. It was very sweet. 

The first counselor in our stake presidency (and my mom's former bishop) is running for governor of Massachusetts! It's like Mitt Romney all over again! He's Republican, LDS, very nice and successful, and I like his platform, so he has my vote! 

Even though I've hardly worried about this for myself, I found this little flow chart helpful.

Spotted at CVS: "Plan it, do it" -- that's pretty much how I live my life. It works! 😊

Pretty roses

I watched another webinar, this one from the high school about junior year. It was done by my guidance counselor from when I was in high school--she's still there! She's in the right corner. She was the best!

College is coming up fast! 😱

The scene where my webinar watching happens.