Friday, February 4, 2022

Thanksgiving 2021

 I'm happy to report that Thanksgiving was a resounding success. It went along well with the whole month of November, which overall was a very nice month for me. After the hardest year of my life, the holiday months of November and December were an especially welcome treat.

I hosted Thanksgiving for my family, the boys were with me, the food was delicious, and we all had a good time together. It was pretty much the perfect classic Thanksgiving.

I got an Edible Arrangements platter. It was a really nice treat, especially the chocolate-covered pineapple turkey, which I almost liked better than the actual turkey!

We had a good assortment of appetizers.

The table before dinner.

It was my first time doing a turkey. I'm not the most confident cook in the world so my mom came over in the morning to help me get it ready for the oven. I had pre-ordered an organic one from Whole Foods since turkeys were harder to come by this year.

I liked having the tree up. My mom helped me string the lights that day, and that weekend the boys and I put the ornaments on.

Family picture time!

I don't know what that white stuff is on my pants! It wasn't there in the other pictures!

I used this one on our Christmas card.

Me and Hayley

Me and Jennifer. Something was funny, I don't remember what!

Mom carving the turkey. I didn't mind letting her take over. 😁

The turkey turned out well!

All of the food was truly delicious. Everyone brought side dishes and they were all so good.

Sam and Shane at the "kid table." Sam had made a little turkey sandwich. Note Violet at the bottom staring up longingly at it. 😄

Feasting time!

Note my empty plate 😋

My cute nephews

Jennifer and Hayley were troopers and played a rousing game of Twister with Shane--of all the games to be played after eating Thanksgiving dinner, they played that one!  
I love these pictures 😆

Jennifer is a yoga teacher so she's good at Twister!

We played some "calmer" games too, like Scattergories and Clue. Oh and my mom drained the bottle of sparkling cider. 😂

Just desserts 😋

It really was a Thanksgiving that was practically perfect in every way. I'm so thankful for my family and for the good times we have together!