Thursday, June 24, 2021

Basement to Apartment

 These are the last pictures of my basement before it becomes an apartment for my sister Elizabeth and her two sons! They're moving in soon because she and I are both going through divorces at the same time (you can't make this stuff up!) and this is a way we can help support each other and our sons since we're all going through some of the same things at the same time. The number of people living in my home is doubling and I'm excited about it! (Hopefully we'll all feel the same way in a few months! 😆)

The bedroom opens up into a kitchenette. They're going to divide this room in half, one side for Liz and the other for Shane.

Their dining room table is going to go where the foosball table is.

Half of this room is going to be Rocco's room. We're putting up wall partitions for it.

It's a walk-out basement so they'll have their own entrance in the back (although they can of course use the upstairs entrances too). I think it will be a cute little apartment for them while we all do our best to settle into this new phase of our lives.  

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! 🍋