Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Birthday Aftermath

Sam went right to work assembling the things he got for his birthday that could be assembled!

There was this K'nex roller coaster...

...and a Lego pirate roller coaster set.

Done! It works!

It was the centerpiece of the dining room table for a few weeks. Quelle elegance! (Yes, I had to google how to say "How elegant" in French, but I do know on my own that it's "Que elegante" en espanol! But I digress.) 

Also for Sam's birthday, he wanted to go to Six Flags New England, so that's what the four of us did on a Saturday in late September.

The boys are up there somewhere on that crazy spinning swinging thing! The spinning would make me so nauseated and sick. 🤮

It went really high!

This is the Superman rollercoaster that Sam had been looking forward to going on but it turned out that he was still just a hair too short! So I gladly stayed behind with him while John and Peter rode it.

As you can see, the park was gearing up for Halloween. 😱

It really was a fun and special month for Sam!