Thursday, September 20, 2018

Low Tide and Sunset Adventures

Here's another low tide post for today. We went to Saints Landing in Brewster one evening when the tide was out, along with Peter's brother's family and Peter's mom. 

I love the pictures I get of my boys and the sea.

This feels so good on the feet. Squelch, squelch. I love how it feels!

My balancing boy balancing on a buoy.

I love the scenery of the green dunes and row of picturesque beach houses.


Peter and Sam

Examining a find from the sea floor

It's cool how the sea floor also resembles the desert. They couldn't be more different in many ways, but essentially, they're pretty much the same, which just goes to show that the whole earth is connected (does that make sense?).

I'm not sure why they brought boogie boards out--there wasn't much to do with them except drag them along!

Someday I want one of these houses!

This little cottage with its big screened-in porch and gazebo were calling my name.

CLEARly beautiful water

When sunset started happening, it was quite a pretty sight. The pictures don't really do it justice!

I was trying to capture the pinkish light that the sun was casting on the sand and dunes.

The boat was ideally apropos, don't you think?

I thought it would be cool to try to capture the sun between these twisty beach trees.

And the parting shot before we left to get ice cream and go home...

It was a lovely evening in one of my favorite spots on the Cape!