Thursday, April 23, 2015

Southwick's Zoo

Last summer we took our second annual trip to Southwick's Zoo in Mendon, Massachusetts, not far from my hometown of Hopkinton and from the town my mother now lives in. We went with my sister Elizabeth and her two sons (Rocco and Shane) and my mom. It was a fun day. It's a great zoo, tucked back in the woods. I love it!

Measuring board pictures are always fun to compare between years.

Sam's sunglasses crack me up.

Checking out the giant tortoises.

Sam and Rocco got a kick out of this turkey that strolled by.

 Sam hitched a ride with Grandma for awhile.

The Deer Forest is my favorite part of the zoo!

The boys held out their hands with fistfuls of food but most of the deer were pretty wary of getting too close to them. I think they can sense when rambunctious boys are in their midst!

Getting closer...

...Success! (Pretty much.)


I love this forest! 

Seriously? This is heaven!

John couldn't resist climbing this giant boulder, of course.

A bunch of crazy gorillas.

These little fellas were cute...

We went on a train/trolley ride on which Shane was unwilling to share the popcorn.
It's a good thing he's cute or I may have had to be a grumpy aunt!

 I didn't see this owl, but it was there in the woods somewhere!

Elizabeth had sooo much fun at the playground, it was her favorite part of the zoo!

A really cool tiger

 They crack me up. I love these boys!

Shaniac has my heart.

Beautiful peacock.

The zoo has a few fun kiddie rides that the kids, of course, loved riding on.

I lied. Elizabeth's most favorite part of the zoo was going on this ride with Shane over and over again.

And then dealing with the aftermath after the last ride. Ha ha ha!
It's fun to watch other people deal with their two-year-olds!

Just last Saturday, there was a video from Southwick's on Facebook of a baby giraffe being born at the zoo that day. It was fascinating to watch! It turned out to be a boy who they named Timber because of how he fell down onto the ground when he was born. Maybe we'll see him this summer! Baby animals are the cutest.

We always have fun at Southwick's Zoo!