Monday, June 23, 2014

A Fun Weekend of Work on the Cape

I went out to Massachusetts over Memorial Day weekend so that, with my mother's help, I could finish getting the Cape Cod house ready for summer. It was a rewarding and successful trip, and I worked almost the entire time, but it was enjoyable work in a place that I love. 

We took a break and walked down to the beach on Sunday evening.
These were some pretty things we saw on the way.

I love tree-dappled sunshine!

The beach and bay were as picturesque as always. Last time I was on this beach was at the very beginning of January during a big blizzard. It was good to see it looking a lot more beachy and summer-like, the way a beach should look!

Some people call seagulls the rats of the beach, but I like them.
(Even though one of them flew away with one of our beach toys last summer!)

This fancy beach house provides a great focal point for pictures.

The true blue water of the bay. I love it!

A ferry heading over to Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket.


We haven't even stayed at the Cape house in the summer yet, and I've posted pictures of this beach several times already. I'm sure there will be many more in the future (so get used to it!!). 

A few other random shots from around the Cape house that weekend.
This pretty Tiffany lamp is in the bedroom that I sleep in. I got it plugged in and working, and I love the soft glow of prettiness it casts into the room.

My mother-in-law got me this cute Welcome owl and left it on the side doorstoop. It's perfect! 
As everybody probably already knows, I love owls. Peter says we should call this house the "Cape Cod Owlery" and put all my owl finds there. Ha ha!

The backyard had turned into a jungle and was desperately in need of some mowing and TLC!

We did a lot of fun shopping that weekend. 
These kid-sized Adirondack chairs were so cute. 
I didn't get any, but I may pick up a few this summer.

Going out to the Cape over Memorial Day weekend may need to turn into an annual tradition for me!