Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This Post is Dedicated to Mitt Romney!

Last night I became an Iowa caucus-goer for the first time! This is one of the things I was looking forward to about moving to Iowa. I've always liked politics, and it's been neat to experience the presidential candidates' campaign from here and to be a part of the famed Iowa Caucus. I've mentioned before on my blog that I'm a Mitt Romney fan, and I have been since about 1994 when I was a freshman in high-school and he ran for the U.S. Senate against Ted Kennedy (the Romneys were in my stake in Boston so this was an especially interesting race to me!). But I'm not going to make this post into an ode to Romney--I know he's not perfect, and I don't want to be a total cornball--but I will say that I admire him greatly and I think he has the potential to be a very good President.

Last Wednesday evening I went to a Town Hall Meeting with Mitt Romney in North Liberty, Iowa, which isn't far from where I live. I hadn't seen him and Ann in person since I was in high-school, so it was neat to see them again, this time with him running for President. The meeting was really crowded with about 600 in attendance, so my pictures aren't the best, but I was happy to be there taking them and participating in something that until then I'd only been able to see on TV!

Ann Romney is a lovely lady. She was in the Stake Young Women's Presidency when I was in high-school and I met her then. She is genuinely so nice. 
Maybe my camera's flash caught his eye?


Lots of people. The meeting was held at a plastics factory.
Much applause at the end
The campaign theme 
This big bus has been doing a lot of traveling lately! 

So of course, I'm happy with last night's caucus results. Romney and Rick Santorum happen to be my two favorite candidates, and I like Ron Paul too. It's good to be alive when you like politics and it's presidential campaign season! (And when your favorite(s) win!)

P.S. I think this Romney son looks like a Ken doll!


dougandcheryl said...

That must have been so exciting. I can imagine that the energy there must have been amazing.
So excited about the caucus results too!!

Donna said...

Cheryl, yes there was a lot of positive energy there, that's for sure! He has a lot of supporters in Iowa.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I just happen to be watching a debate right now. I'm multi-tasking. I wasn't sure at first, but I'm 100% for Romney now. That's fun they were in your stake!

His son does look like a Ken doll.

moedawg said...

Regardless of political affiliations, I appreciate Mitt and, thus, this post for similar reasons. I remember that me and Sheryl Long made up a song about Romney vs Kennedy during that race so long ago! And I was on some stake leadership team with Mitt as the leader so it's just cool to see him in the position he is in. While he might not represent all of the things that are important to me politically, I know that he is a genuinely good person and I believe that should be more important in politics than it is. Morality and being faithful to your spouse are things we want in our friends and family...why would we settle for less in our nation's leader?

Donna said...

I couldn't agree with you more!
I bet the song you guys made up was funny!