Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Murder in my Hometown

One of the bigger news stories today is the conviction of Neil Entwistle, who was found guilty of killing his 27-year-old wife and 9-month-old baby girl. I've been following this case with interest over the past two years because these murders took place in my hometown of Hopkinton, Massachusetts. What's more, they happened while I was temporarily living there in January of 2006. (We were in the process of selling our condo in New Jersey and house-hunting here in Connecticut, and Peter had started his new job in Hartford, so it was easiest for John and I to stay in Mass. at my mother's house during most of that time.)

It was big news in Boston when this double murder came to light, and the mystery quickly made the national news. Hopkinton is a pretty quiet town without much crime at all, which made it even more bizarre. I felt like I could relate in some ways to the victim, who was a young wife and mother who had a baby and was from Massachusetts and liked to do things like vacation on Cape Cod. I've felt that her husband was clearly and unfortunately guilty almost since the beginning. His apparent reasons for committing such a horrendous act come down to money and sex, two of the biggest potential vices out there. It's a sad story all around with no real winners. But I'm glad that we have a good justice system that will put him in prison for life now.

Here's the news story: