Thursday, June 5, 2008

All Quiet on the Blogging Front

Hello there, my peeps and loyal readers (all two or three of you. I love you guys!). I have a number of things I want to write about on the blog, but not enough time to do it right now. I've been so busy this week, and I have a pretty busy weekend ahead too. So when I get some more time or when I need to procrastinate doing something or just when the blogging bug hits, I'll start posting more regularly again (don't worry, I won't deprive you too long).

Some of the things I've had on my mind to write about
-my review of the month of May
-politics (Obama, Clinton, McCain, and my choice for McCain's V.P. Hint, hint, it's not Romney!)
-Big Brown and the Triple Crown race on Saturday (I gave up watching horse racing this year, but I'm tempted to watch this race. But if I do it, I just know that something bad is gonna happen. I think I'll DVR it and if I hear after it's over that things went well, I'll watch. If not, delete. I want Big Brown to win and get the Triple Crown, which hasn't happened in thirty years, but even more than that I don't want any of the horses to get injured during the race. There, I wrote a blog post in a few short sentences!).
-The FLDS/state of Texas debacle and why this crazy group should be disbanded as soon as possible by its own members. I've been feeling frustrated for weeks over these people.
-Pictures of Peter's new desk (a vast improvement over the old one), my gardening and landscaping projects, and my in-progress makeover of our screened-in patio.
-Tomorrow is John's preschool recognition ceremony and I'll have to write a little something about that.
-Some more dresses and skirts that I like.
-My goals for the Summer of 2008, which I've gotten a good start on. One of the things is making a great difference in my life already. Stay tuned!


Alyson said...

Can't wait! You're being a little tease and I'm curious about those hints you gave.

Let's get together soon and do some hiking! Let me know when. By the way, I'm tempted to do some EVP work at the village ruins. Something is there, I just know it.

Donna said...

I can't wait for you to tell me more about what you experienced at that village. And I also can't wait to go for some good hikes/walks through the woods. When works best for you-during the week or weekends?