Thursday, March 21, 2024

Wisdom, Humor, and Inspiration in February

 This time, they're in the order I took them. There's a lot from The Babylon Bee and Instagram. I hope you find at least some of these as enjoyable as I did!

This one cracked me up for days...


(This one is from another of my employers, Cape Cod Moms.)


And ironically, there's a grammatical error in this meme! Can you spot it? (I put it at the end of this post in case you can't!)

Tucker Carlson, my TV husband πŸ˜πŸ˜„

(I don't talk about the whole situation very much, especially not on my blog, but this ignited something in me. For the last few years of our marriage, he was a nightmare and treated me very poorly, to the point that it was emotionally and psychologically abusive. So in the end, sadly, it wasn't a loss. I'm a lot happier and better off without him.)

And in that vein...

And also in that vein...
This is so true! I love this quote. (The picture is lovely, too.) 


I don't!

Chinese culture is weird! πŸ˜†
I found this couple's story and attitude inspiring, and I related to it so much. Managing storms has become a big theme in my life. It's such a beautiful and powerful metaphor.

The next two pictures are from the above article, which I very much agreed with and appreciated. 

This is the type of man I didn't get but would like to have...

I hadn't seen this painting before. I love it!

I like this logic. πŸ˜†

This question in Come, Follow Me was a good one and has had me reflecting for weeks about it. I think my life and who I am as a person would be very different without the Restoration of the gospel.
I love temples. I can't wait to find out more someday about what ancient temples were like, especially in comparison to ours today.


The location of this "story" is Draper, Utah. πŸ˜†

I love this guy's attitude!

This is the best dating advice I've seen since becoming single. I intend to use it whenever I start dating again. This approach seems like it would take so much of the pressure off and allow it to be more fun!

 I bet you got it, but in case you didn't, the grammatical error in the "adorable" meme was that there was no period at the end of the final sentence! ←Or exclamation point, for that matter. πŸ˜‰