Thursday, September 14, 2023

If You Don't Buy It, Take a Picture Instead!

A good method I've learned for saving money, time, and space is that when you're shopping and see something you like and might want to buy, take a picture of it instead. Then you kind of have it, in a way. And if you still feel strongly about it when looking back at your pictures, you can always go back and get it, if it's still available. Of course, if you see something you REALLY like or need or must have, just get it. But those types of things thankfully and of necessity have become fewer and more far between for me. Although I will say that I kind of wish I'd gotten this beautiful green pitcher I saw at my favorite antique store at the Cape this summer. 💚

If you're going to be a maid, you might as well be a cavalier one. 😄 I like old books like this.

I'm not allowing myself to buy any more owl things unless they're super unique or special. I have lots of great owl things already and I don't have nearly as much space for them as I used to have. But I can still admire the owls I come across and take their picture if I'm feeling tempted. 
This was a clever design.

I'm into Egyptian things, too. One of my dream trips is to go to Egypt and go on a really nice cruise down the Nile, exploring pyramids, temples, and museums along the way. But for now, things like this (along with my Amelia Peabody books and some good shows on PBS and Netflix) will have to suffice.

More fun with shopping that involves taking pictures but not of merchandise! I took these while we were walking in downtown Hyannis.

Shopping can be both fun and free...who knew? 😁