Tuesday, December 17, 2019

April Vacation: Getting There and SeaWorld

For April vacation the boys and I flew down to Orlando and went to Universal Studios and SeaWorld. We stayed at a nice Universal resort so we were able to get the full Universal experience. Peter is a workaholic and didn't come. 😞 This was my first time doing a vacation like this alone with the boys and I was a little nervous, but it all went well and we had a great time.

Plane pics from Boston to Orlando

Sam is a goofball!

Keeping himself entertained...

This is the ONLY picture I took with my actual camera. It's of John on the shuttle bus from the Orlando airport to our resort. I must have decided on that shuttle ride to try to make things easier for myself and just take pictures with my phone on this vacation. And it worked! Of course I still like my camera but I don't think I need it for mostly non-scenic vacations like these.

This was the next morning. We were at our resort, Sapphire Falls. I love that name! The resort was very nice too.

We were waiting for our Uber ride to SeaWorld. It was my first time doing Uber on my own and I was a little nervous but it was so easy. And the driver was a super nice guy.

This was our second time going to SeaWorld. We went a few years ago at Thanksgiving time when it was much chillier. It was nice to be there in the pleasantly warm weather of April.

I went on Manta with the boys and felt nauseous after. That was my second and probably last time going on Manta. But not theirs! They rode it again later in the day before we left.

Visiting the penguins! 

It was cold in there!

Sam was excited to go on the Kraken rollercoaster. He was too little for it the last time we were here. He's really into rollercoasters now so he loves going on every coaster that he can. I don't know how he and John are so fearless on these things. Look at John; he's practically taking a nap before the ride begins! 

This flume ride is my favorite ride in the park. It's so fun!

I tried and failed to get a good picture of this boys in this scenic spot.

We went to a crowded but good dolphin show. I love dolphins!

We walked through Sesame Place, the kids' area. The boys were too old for it which made me wistful for the past. I thought this "Les Monsterables" sign was cute. 

At least this scenic picture turned out well! I used this picture on this year's Christmas card.

We got to feed and pet a dolphin! This was my favorite thing that day and the boys enjoyed it too. Her name was Jen and she's the oldest female dolphin at SeaWorld Orlando--only two years younger than me!

Back at our resort that evening, we relaxed at the pool. I treated myself to a chocolate-covered banana split. 😋

It was a fun first day of vacation!