Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nature's Gym

We got a good workout from that hike I wrote about yesterday, not only because of the hike itself, but also because the trail had workout things placed along it at various points. John loved this because he's really into fitness. He always has been, but he especially is now because he has started competitive boys' gymnastics, and he also dreams about being on American Ninja Warrior someday. 

I can't think of a much more beautiful gym than this one.
It's got fresh air, good atmosphere, peaceful solitude, and of course, great scenery!

I think that rock-climbing is one of the best workout opportunities that nature offers.
Ever since he was a toddler, John has loved climbing rocks and trees.

This is a place where I might actually attempt (and probably fail) some chin-ups.
{I have strong legs and okay abs, but I've always had pretty wimpy arms, so I hate chin-ups!}

John, however, is very good at chin-ups. 
He's strong and well-built and I'm amazed that he's already developing a six-pack. This boy is built!

Doesn't it look like nature is smiling down on him? So beautiful!

Sam attempted a ladder climb. 
He and I are pretty much on the same page when it comes to workout equipment.

John ended his workout by letting loose his inner Tarzan with a swing on some long branches. 

Nature really is the best gym!