Monday, December 1, 2014

Murphy's Law

The week before last, I had all these important computer-related plans that involved things for our trip to Florida, Christmas shopping, blogging, etc. I had my blog posts all planned out for that week. But then the computer completely died when I was working on my Monday post, and that was the end of that! My carefully crafted plans went down the drain, along with the computer hard drive. For an organized control person like me it was pretty upsetting, but I knew in my heart of hearts that it wasn't the end of the world, though it kind of felt like it that day. We knew the hard drive was going to die soon, but that really was the worst week it could have happened. Murphy's Law is alive and well, I'm telling you!

We got a new hard drive that week, but I couldn't use the computer for very much because everything had to transfer over from our old hard drive, which took days and days (it was still going when we left for Florida). But now everything's back up and running again, and I only lost a file or two (sob), and I will proceed with my life and my plans as usual. I didn't really want to blog about Halloween in December, but it's a hard knock life and I'll do what I have to do. (Ha ha.) I'm also going to catch up on my monthly review posts because I do NOT want to write about "Sunny September 2014" or whatever in 2015. So I plan on blogging for the next 2-3 weeks even though I usually take December off from blogging. Consider it my gift to you. ;-)

Now that I've given you that extra special glimpse into my life, I will end this blog post here. I've gotta make up for lost time and go do some major Cyber Monday shopping!