Thursday, November 13, 2014

Amazing Bubbles!

One of Sam's favorite things to do in the mornings when we're outside waiting for his bus to come is to play with bubbles. I found some really good bubble wands at Target this summer that make lots of awesome bubbles easily without even blowing. You just wave the wand through the air and tons of bubbles come out of it. And they're big, strong bubbles too--they stick around for awhile and don't pop easily. Even better! 


On that beautiful foggy morning that I wrote about earlier, the ground was damp and not too cold or too warm, so the bubbles stuck to the ground instead of popping when they landed. They looked like little igloos. Sam and I were very entertained by this! 

He couldn't believe they weren't popping on their own! Neither could I! 

Bubble-busting time. So fun!

 I like how this picture captured a bubble in the foreground in front of Sam.
Another cool thing about these bubbles is that they were very iridescent and full of color, more than I've seen in other mostly clear bubbles.
{Our bubbles are better than your bubbles! Ha ha}

This is another reason why this was my favorite morning of the fall:
fun with my sweet boy and some really cool bubbles!