Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Little Bit of This and That

-Did you notice my new URL? The "blogspot" is gone and it's now thedollsweetjournal.com, and it's mine, all mine! For about $10 a year you can buy your own domain name and Google/Blogger will manage it for you. It's really easy!* And easy is good. Now I feel a bit more "invested" in this blog (ha ha).

*It's NOT really easy! I thought it was when I wrote this, but I soon found out that I was wrong! I wrote this post on Sunday evening and published it then. On Monday I noticed that nobody had commented on it, which was odd. After doing some investigating I discovered that my blog isn't updating in other people's feeds, rendering my updates invisible to my blog friends. So if my blog is listed on your blog or in your reader, it's not showing that I'm publishing new posts (i.e., the last post you probably have is my Summertime reading post from a few weeks ago, when it should be this one), so you aren't visiting my blog because you don't know that I'm posting on it. This is a major problem! I've been all over Google/Blogger trying to fix it but to no avail. Google isn't helpful in fixing these kinds of problems. I'm a paying customer now and their customer service should be much better than this--they can certainly afford it! So anyway, if I'm listed in your blog list, can you please update my URL to thedollsweetjournal.com? Maybe that will fix it. It's worth a try!  

-Another blog problem I'm having with this dumb domain name switch: somehow the lists of my friends' blogs got deleted (as well as the list of Fashion & Style blogs that I sometimes read, and I don't remember their URLs and don't know how I'll find them again, sniff sniff), so now I have to figure out what all their blogs are and type them in again. Blah! (So if you're reading this and you have a blog that I read, it would be very helpful if you'd leave a comment so that I can more easily get your blog listed. Thanks!)

-I got a pair of Pajama Jeans. You can laugh if you want, but I LOVE them! They're cute and super-comfortable and they fit well. They look a lot more like jeans then I thought they would: they have a dark blue rinse and are boot-cut and they have a cute butt (that is essential in a pair of jeans, even when they are fake jeans). I still wear real jeans out for shopping and errands and social gatherings, but when I'm home I'm in Pajama Jeans. (And this winter, I'm sure I'll be venturing out in my Pajama Jeans more often. I can get away with anything if I wear Uggs with it, right?! Besides, Pajama Jeans seriously do look a lot like jeans!).

-I'm thinking about applying to join the University of Pennsylvania's Alumni Secondary School Committee Network. If I were to be a part of it, I would interview high-school seniors applying to Penn and I'd participate in recruiting events. I'd love to help Iowa kids and Midwestern kids get into the Ivy League and go to college on the East Coast. I had a wonderful time at Penn and I learned so much during my four years there. I'm a little worried that Penn won't be all that impressed by my current career of stay-at-home mother and occasional freelance copyeditor. I know it's not glamorous or high-profile, but I love that that's what I'm doing with my life right now. Anyway...if I apply and they reject me I'll be ticked!

-I'm going to start doing "Wordless Wednesday" posts soon because I take pictures of many different things and I can share some of them easily that way instead of writing a whole blog post about them. Although many of these posts will probably not be completely wordless because I often feel the need to explain things or set the scene, but they will be quick, easy posts that people can comment on with their own caption or thoughts or just look at and enjoy the view, whatever it might be.

-Summer is my favorite season but I'm glad that it's fall. Fall is lovely! Especially now that the ragweed that had been saturating the air isn't making my life miserable anymore!

Have a great day!