Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Beautiful Bahamas

Peter and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary in style last month--we flew down to the Bahamas for three days and three nights. I'd been looking forward to this trip very much since the winter when we booked it. It was just the two of us who went--John was happy to stay with my family in Massachusetts while we were gone (he loves it there). I missed him terribly at first, but I got over it soon enough. It was a wonderful trip to a beautiful place and I've been wanting to document it here on my blog. So consider this Part 1 of what will probably be a three-part series!

We stayed in Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, at the British Colonial Hilton, a big lovely hotel right on the ocean that looks like a grand castle from the back. The only disappointment was that our room faced the street instead of the water. Bummer!

I've always taken pictures of the interiors at the places we stay so that I can remember the trip better. This was our room:

And this was the hotel lobby. I snapped this picture wistfully on the morning we left, just before we got into the taxi that took us to the airport. Even though I was eager to get home to my little boy, it's still depressing when vacations end!

These were the lovely views from the balcony on our floor the first evening we were there.

Peter, checking out the view.

Don't these hammocks look very relaxing?

I took this picture down by the pool at sunset. Even though I'm a New Englander, I love palm trees and tropical places.

Next time, I'll write about one of the most famous resorts in the world...the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island. It was an amazing place and I got some great pictures there. Stay tuned!


Jessie Adams said...

it looks beautiful there. You are so lucky to get to vacation in the Bahamas!! Can't wait to see more pics.
Hope the pregnancy is treating you well these days :)

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Looks like you had such fun! I bet it went super quick too. I'm so jealous that you have family nearby to take care of kids. Russ and I haven't been on vacation together in years and years. One of the downfalls of living so far away from family.

I'm looking forward to seeing more photos from your vacation!

Kristina P. said...

I am so jealous! What an amazing trip. It just looks gorgeous.

Ann Marie said...

I'm jealous too!
It looks so beautiful and relaxing!
Can't wait to see more pictures!

A New England Life said...

How I long to take a vacation just like that with only my husband. It's been years!

Glad you both had a wonderful time. The scenery is too beautiful. Can you imagine living there every day of the year? Me either! Love the palm tree photo.

Looking forward to more!


Me said...

So beautiful! And talk about luxory! I can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

Ah! This looks and sounds amazing! So jealous!

Sarah Laurence said...

Happy anniversary! How nice to get some couple time before the baby. What a grand hotel and lovely sunset! Good to see you savoring it. You are motivating me to think about our 20th - next June.

Wendyburd1 said...

You lucky girl!! And you stayed at more than one place!! Agh LUCKY lucky girl!! These pics are great, I think that room is prettier than my bedroom, and it definitely has a better TV and view!!

Laura said...


I didn't know you were pregnant! I wondered when I got your Good Reads update and saw that a certain book was especially fun to read while pregnant. That got me curious, so I took a peek at your blog. Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you guys. I'll have to read the rest of your blog to see what else is going on :-)


Karolynn said...

Oh that looks so amazing! I am gald you had a great time!

Carina Blogarina said...

look beautiufl! never been there, but sure want to go. was it your firt visitt? hope your stay was amazing, must have been a little nice to just be you and the mr to ? :)